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Hi there I'm @arrrrrmin 馃憢

I'm a software developer. I enjoy building things with Python, TypeScript (or JavaScript), Deep-/Machine Learning, backend APIs and AWS CDK.

Here I try to document small isolated solutions or processes I came across during work.

Teacher forcing & scheduled sampling

A short documentation on teacher forcing to training recurrent neural networks. Additional a scheduled sampling module to control teacher forcing prcoess during training.

9 min 路 arrrrrmin

End to end sound classification

An self-educational documentation on how end-to-end system in sound classification work. The data domain are environmental sounds.

8 min 路 arrrrrmin

Pre-Commit hooks

An introduction to pre-commit and how to build custom python hooks for pre-commit.

5 min 路 arrrrrmin

Access Cloudfront with signed cookies

A short guide on how to secure a cloudfront distribution using signed cookies, based on CF鈥檚 trusted key groups (including aws-cdk infra).

6 min 路 arrrrrmin

OAuth at cloudfront

A simple solution to secure cloudfront distributions via lambda@edge

9 min 路 arrrrrmin

Pyproject Tooling

Tooling for a conviniently lightweight python project, using pyproject.toml with some simple tools

3 min 路 arrrrrmin

Mocks with moto

Mocking aws services and functionality with moto and pytest.

4 min 路 arrrrrmin

Pydantic powers

Some awesome tips and tricks one can do with pydantic. Data validation with pydantic and never load json without pydantic anymore. Example usage with boto3 (aws sdk for python).

8 min 路 arrrrrmin

Github OAuth with FastAPI

An isolated example to show github authorization-code oauth flow in fastapi for web application flow + simple HttpBearer route dependency. This example can be used for all providers of code-based oauth authorization patterns.

3 min 路 arrrrrmin

Albert - A-lite-BERT

A guide to understand how pretraining transformer models work. It鈥檚 basically the prestage, before usage with Huggingface is possible. See the full guide at

11 min 路 arrrrrmin